Excerpts from Talks

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The Discomfort of Consciousness

"Take Time for presence  In the high-speed world that we now live, expedience and distraction  are held up as virtues. In 2016, “Nielson Company audience reports shows that…adults in the United States devoted about 10 hours and 39 minutes Each Day to consuming media during the first quarter of last year…[this] included how much time we spend daily using our tablets, smartphones, personal computers, multimedia devices, video games, radios, DVDs, DVRs and TVs.  These technological distractions downgrade sentience. 

If we would only take 20 minutes of the 10 hours and 39 minutes each Day for meditation, contemplation and prayer we then have a prodigious practice and results. It is difficult to be present, to explore new ideas, when there is spiritual somnambulating, when patience and contemplation is forsaken for screen time. Expedience leads to mindless moves. However, patience leads to persistence. Persistence and Presence leads to robust prevail. Awakening awaits.

...consciousness is mostly gentle, subtle.  My patient, persistent presence is needed for a consciousness portal.  For me, the ordinary becomes extraordinary when I am present to my discomfort of being ordinary.  Presence of mind brings humility, and willingness to be average.  Consciousness is not sexy, nor is it trendy. Consciousness is substantive and humble, practical and plentiful. "

Divine Dynamic Connection

“The illusion of aloneness and isolation disconnects me from Spirit and others. 

Isolation can come from a fear of others, fear of abandonment or social anxiety. And it can be a way not to experience myself in relation to anyone else so then I don’t have to feel my low self-esteem, or their pain and continue my disconnection. I make my own self-constructed cell that imprisons me from people, places and God.”

The Art and Power of Words and of Silence

“Prayers aid us in connecting with Source, with illuminating our thoughts and interwoven feeling that may accompany them. Prayer helps us to re-align our lives to the spiritual principles we espouse. Prayer leads me into the divine Oneness that I ultimately seek.  Meditation makes space to receive, to powerfully receive the Divine Mind. Sitting through the discomfort of sitting or finding other ways of receiving is for me to seek, through divination.”

Farewell to the Drama Queen a.k.a. Enthusiasm for Serenity

“Enthusiasm breathes acceptance and recognition of the blessings in our lives. Enthusiasm allows us to accept conditions as they are. And see the perfection of the situation. It gives us direction moving beyond our frail emotions and dramatic thoughts. It moves us from the valley of drama to the ecstasy of serenity, a state of sudden, intense feeling of reality.  Enthusiasm is joyful about an average day – not too high, not too low.  Enthusiasm opens to the flow of God… wisdom to do or not to do, to love – without conditions.  Enthusiasm holds hands with grace and the ease of movement it provides.  Enthusiasm is the magnificent outcome of Prayer and Meditation.  I’ve heard it said – if you can worry you can meditate, I would add - If you can pontificate, you can pray.”