What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching is a process that helps you examine and unpack your current spiritual beliefs to transform them into new practical beliefs that help you to be more authentic in the world.

Spirituality is believing in a source greater than yourself, called by whatever name you feel comfortable — God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Inner Wisdom, Universe, Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Mary, Bob etc. When a person feels disconnected from her/his spiritual self, spiritual coaching builds a bridge between the separated self and the Self.


Spiritual Coaching helps you to:

  • Make positive life choices through a sound connection with the Universe

  • Explore your concept of a Power greater than yourself

  • Deal with life issues and relationships from a spiritual perspective

  • Incorporate spirituality into your decision-making process

  • Examine your core beliefs

  • Uproot and eliminate negative patterns

  • Develop a meaningful and personal prayer/meditation life

  • Improve your Spiritual Quotient

  • Be more present to yourself and others

  • Improve handling life's joys and sorrows



Meet Rev. Jeep

Rev. Diane Jeep Ries is an ordained Interfaith minister who honors all religions and spiritual beliefs as valid pathways that connect with Spiritual Source.

"As a spiritual coach, I provide a safe, supportive setting, holding an open, receptive, compassionate and non-judgmental space for you to look within, to process what surfaces and to recognize your true nature." - Rev. Jeep


Fee Structure per 50-minute session:   Individuals:  $105 -205.   Couples: $210-295    Family TBD

*NOTE: During the intervening time between sessions I am available for 1 or 2 brief (10-15 minute) telephone conferences or by email. Couples are expected to call simultaneously.

Full payment is due at the time of each session. Accepted forms of payment are: website online (click here), cash, PayPal (revjeep@revjeep.com) or check payable to:  Transformative Services 

*Please note: Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover spiritual coaching sessions.

Confidentiality: All information discussed in each session is confidential with three exceptions: (1) when a client poses a danger to themselves or others, (2) when requested by a court of law, or (3) for purposes of professional supervision (in which case, your name and identifying information will not be used). 

Please be advised that disclosure of child abuse or suicide attempts must be reported by law.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations require a 24-hour advance notification. Ten minutes grace into the appointment. After the ten minutes there is not enough time for a session.  Client is responsible for full fee for missed or late session. Clients who are within the ten-minute grace period will be seen for the remainder of the 50-minute session, not to extend past the allotted time.

Information & Intake Questionnaire and Waiver Form

All clients must fill out this form prior to their first session. The form can be filled out online or downloaded, filled out, and brought into first session. Download the form here or fill out the form below.



"I want to take a moment to thank you for guiding me on this journey. Thank you for loving and accepting me unconditionally, and for helping me to continually move away from…self destructive behaviors. I am so grateful to have you as a guide, teacher and friend -- you have truly changed my life, and working with you continues to bring wonderful and positive things, and a greater connection with God." - Cara T. 5/16


"Thank you so much for your generosity in spirit, and for sharing your extraordinary gifts. Something has shifted exponentially in me, and it allowed me to prepare for this interview in a way that I was not able to before. 

By quieting the chatter, I wasn't frozen in inertia and fear. A huge shift for me, and so freeing on the other side." - Michele L. 6/16


"Jeep has a remarkable intuition and an undeniable instinct for healing.  Her wisdom and compassion broke through my fear.  During this whole healing and growth process, I have felt confident in Jeep’s guidance.

I began working with her as a desperate sceptic. I had found it hard to trust people or the good in the world.  So, I came into the process with hesitant hopefulness.  Despite my initial doubt, I’ve noticed a marked change for the better in my mind, body and spirit.

Jeep helped me look at wounds that I could not for decades.  She helped me dismantle personal, twisted frameworks, break out of harmful patterns and let go of old, damaging ideas.  My growth is slow but definitely noticeable.  

As a result of the work with Jeep and the practices she has guided me through to use in everyday life, I have become a better man, a stronger man and more grounded. I have a better sense of self and a more balanced life." - Scott M. 5/18


Contact Rev. Jeep for more information on Spiritual Coaching.

Pay Online

Fees for 50 minute sessions are on a sliding scale to be more available to a wider range of clients. Choose the fee that fits your capability and comfort zone. $105 - $205 per session.