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Gay Pride Flash Mob Wedding

Rev Jeep at a surprise Gay Pride Flash Mob Wedding in NYC, 2013

A text came to my phone right after I finished today’s God Garage Service. It said,” Hi, so and so gave me ur name. Are u available to marry us today? We have the paperwork. I know it’s short notice but want to surprise my wife with a flash mob wedding. Thanks.” Well, always a woman of action and spontaneity I replied ”Yes!! What time and where?“ It was to be at W 4 St and W 12 St in front of the Cubbyhole, in the heart of Greenwich Village. It’s where the Gay Pride March culminates! Queers as far as your eyes can see. After a brief conversation about details we were set for me to be there in an hour to do the, “I do!” from today’s service…hot pink shirt, silk knit tie, gold jacket and chino shorts. So I looked the part and was incredibly honored to be able to hitch the couple.

In a mere 60 minutes, Gail, the one bride to be, had assembled a hundred people! It was awesome. I had jotted down some marriage notes on the train ride into town from Brooklyn. The crowd was at an all time high! Here we were, Gay Pride 2013, right after DOMA was struck down as unconstitutional. And I was about to officiate an impromptu flash mob wedding in the middle of it all!!

The two lovely brides to-be had been together 19 years! And yet, when Gail introduced me, to her betrothed, Tressa, as the woman who was going to marry them, she broke into tears! I embraced her, a perfect stranger. I started to get weepy as I comforted her.

My opening comments covered how momentous this day was, the reality of being, “Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty we are free at last!” That we now are backed with the full force and power of the US government. The crowd cheered!!

I had ascertained beforehand that it was not to be a religious ceremony. But they identified as spiritual not religious. As such, I spoke of the healing that comes from spiritual union, in this case, having your love legitimized as any two people deserve and desire. The crowd cheered some more.

I lead the brides through their vows that end in “I do”, exchanged their rings, which they could hardly remove from their fingers since they had been wearing them all their years together. Finally, I asked them to repeat after me, the commitments of marriage…the crowd started to rumble…I asked them to wait as I had not yet pronounced…they laughed and held their breathe.

And then, I said the magical words, the words that make the marriage legit, “In the presence of the Divine Beloved, and all your friends, it is my honor and great joy that as an ordained interfaith minister, it is my legal right and privilege that I declare you wife and wife.” The crowd went wild!

Good thing I have a strong heart because it was bursting with joy and pride and gratitude. I am grateful to answer the call of service at the drop of a hat, proud to be authentically whom I am, and full of tremendous wonder at how far we all have come today. How incredible! A flash mob, public wedding, what a deeply excellent experience!



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