Interfaith Minister • Spiritual Coach • Reiki Master • Chakra Therapist • Shamanic Practitioner • Retreat Leader


Upcoming Events and Retreats


Fall Stillness & Stress Relief Afternoon
NOV 24, 2019

Group session sound bath of crystal singing bowls and Reiki attunement, with some individual attention.

RETREAT - Sharing Our Stories
FEBruary 7-9, 2020

Seek a deeper union with the Divine, and with authenticity, with a sustained ownership of selfhood.




Recognize Your True Nature

Spiritual coaching is a process that helps you examine and unpack your current spiritual beliefs to transform them into new practical beliefs that help you be more authentic in the world.


Rev. Jeep


Rev. D. Jeep has been seeking and developing her own spirituality for decades. For Rev. Jeep, life centers on her spiritual coaching practice, delivering talks and spiritual services, attunements as a Reiki Master and Sound Healer, and through leading retreats and performing weddings, baby blessings and so on. 

With her energetic and decisive style, Jeep can help you solve your living problems and become more of who you really are and meant to become. 




Using Crystal Singing Bowls

Everything in the universe has energy and, as such, has a natural frequency vibration. Crystal Singing Bowls have frequencies tuned to the body’s Chakras or centers of energy.

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Shamanic Healing


Heal Deeply

Shamanic healing is the original healing technology before modern medicine.  It is the wisdom of our ancestors. Shamanic practices still exist because they work! 

As a shamanic practitioner, my goal is to engage spirit wisdom so that I may deliver to you that which is most needed and effective for the individual.




Connecting Mind & Body

Chakra Therapy with Rev. Jeep is a therapeutic exploration process of awareness, awakening and aligning the seven major energy centers (chakras) of the body through  engaging meditative techniques and gentle physical exercises, and seeks Self-enrichment.




Celebrate the special moments in life with special ceremonies. Rev. Jeep is available to make these occasions even more  memorable and meaningful. Popular ceremonies include:

  • Wedding
  • Baby Blessing or Naming
  • Home Blessing


Rev. Jeep offers experience and personal, practical expertise to assist you through your spiritual journey.