Rev. Jeep's Personal Statement

I have been seeking and developing my spirituality for decades. As an interfaith minister with 36+ years in recovery, I have the emotional/spiritual muscularity and sensitivity to coach you through the rough patches to find the peace beyond.

My life centers on my spiritual coaching practice, delivering talks and spiritual services. I have many tools. As a Reiki Master and teacher I offer attunements. I also offer Sound Healing, Chakra Therapy, Shamanic Healing, and retreats. Additionally, I perform customized weddings, baby blessings and so on.

Over time, my studies and life experiences have coalesced into a spiritual narrative that I share in an accessible way. I am blessed with boundless avenues of study here in New York City.

These have included the Theosophical Society, Hinduism at the Himalayan Institute, Buddhism and Hinduism at Om Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Chakra Therapy with Anodea Judith and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, where I was trained and ordained as an Interfaith Minister. I have also studied Core Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Elaine Egidio, Nan Moss and Itzak Beery.

My abilities offer intuitive support and guidance as your spiritual life unfolds and your authenticity emerges. I use various approaches depending on your needs.

My travels have taken me to far flung locales including Machu Picchu, Peru; Taipei, Taiwan; Tanzania, Africa; Reykjavik, Iceland - all across North America, Europe and the British Isles. I have come to appreciate all our cultural differences and spiritual likenesses. We are all connected.

I am blessed and grateful to answer and follow the call, and to be really gifted at what I do!

Give me a call for a complimentary fifteen minute consultation to see if we connect.