About Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is the original healing technology before modern medicine. It is the wisdom of our ancestors. Shamanic practices still exist because they work! 

A shaman journeys beyond ordinary reality to the upper and/or lower worlds. It is there that, through divination, compassionate helping spirits guide the shaman to find what is necessary for the person to receive, be it power, extraction, soul retrieval or the like.

Jeep has studied Core Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Elaine EgidioNan Moss and Itzak Beery.  She has learned the common / core principles of shamanism that are unique to indigenous cultures.  Each culture has its own flourishes.

“As a shamanic practitioner, my goal is to engage spirit wisdom so that I may deliver to you that which is most needed and effective.” - Jeep Ries

Shamanic healing can aid in:

  •  Healing trauma
  • Clarifying life direction
  • Restoring emotional, spiritual and physical balance 
  • Balancing one’s energetic state
  • Amending addictive behaviors 
  • Developing fuller presence in one’s body
  • Illuminating spiritual beliefs
  • Manifesting goals
  • Improving relationships


Contact Rev. Jeep for more information on Shamanic Healing.

Pay Online

Fees for 50 minute sessions are on a sliding scale to be more available to a wider range of clients. Choose the fee that fits your capability and comfort zone. $105 - $205 per session.