Certified Erickson Hypnotherapy

No, you will not be made to cluck like a chicken!!! Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is suggestive rather than directive.

Rev. Jeep practices a gentle form of hypnotherapy designed to ease your way to blockage transformation.

“The Ericksonian approach departs from traditional hypnosis in a variety of ways. While the process of hypnosis has customarily been conceptualized as a matter of the therapist issuing standardized instructions to a passive patient, Ericksonian hypnosis stresses the importance of the interactive therapeutic relationship and purposeful engagement of the inner resources and experiential life of the subject. Dr. Erickson revolutionized the practice of hypnotherapy by coalescing numerous original concepts and patterns of communication into the field.” - The Erickson Foundation

“Ericksonian hypnotherapy…uses...what it is called indirect suggestions. Indirect suggestions are much harder to resist because they are often not even recognised as suggestions by the conscious mind, since they usually disguise themselves as stories or metaphors. An example of an indirect suggestion is ‘and perhaps your eyes will grow tried as you listen to this story, and you will want to close them, because people can, you know, experience a pleasant, deepening sense of comfort as they allow their eyes to close, and they relax deeply.’" - The Energy Therapy Centre



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Pay Online

Fees for 50 minute sessions are on a sliding scale to be more available to a wider range of clients. Choose the fee that fits your capability and comfort zone. $105 - $205 per session.